Playful Pioneers Curriculum Review

One of my favorite memories while growing up was sitting with my dad and brother and sister and listening to our current read-aloud. Over the years we read rich, living books such as Little House on the Prairie (and the rest of the series), The Chronicles of Narnia, The Call of the Wild and more. I spent many of my formative years donning a bonnet and pretending I lived on the prairie, harvesting crops and protecting my home from bears. Today, I am so excited to share with you our review of Playful Pioneers. 


The Playful Pioneers is a "literature and project based curriculum" put out by Jennifer at The Peaceful Press. It's obvious she poured her heart into this as it made my heart fill up with emotions as I opened it up for the first time. It is a lovely curriculum! We chose the Playful Pioneers for early elementary ages, but they also have a curriculum for preschoolers, word cards (which I will be purchasing as soon as this post is published because they are LOVELY!), chore cards, and more!

As I mentioned, we chose The Playful Pioneers package, which is based on the Little House series. This package included a parent guide, student sheets, cookbook, and weekly/daily schedules and more! It is chock-full of goodness!  The Bible verses and quotes chosen for copywork were lovely. My favorite thing about this curriculum was that it had so many hands-on opportunities! We made bread together just like Ma. We did a science experiment to see if popcorn and milk truly is tasty (I skipped that portion) and if it wouldn't overflow when mixed together just like we read! And even though our trip got snowed out, we tried to get visit horses just like Almanzo's Beau and Beauty.  


 I have absolutely loved testing it and tweaking it for our family (we are using it in conjunction with A Modern Charlotte Mason's Early American History). This curriculum opened up a lot of discussion for our family: what does it mean to call people names they may or may not like? What do we do about jealousy (like when Laura was jealous of Mary's golden hair)? Should we act lazy like Almanzo's cousin or work hard as unto the Lord? I cannot recommend the Playful Pioneers curriculum enough-so many good things here! I


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