Learning Letters with Charlotte Mason (Happy Pi Day!)

Charlotte Mason suggested that children do not need formal education until they were older and to let them be a child, enjoying nature and informal learning in the early years.  Some children take an interest in learning letters before age six and there are some great ways to enjoy that.  Just like learning gentle math, learning letters and word recognition can be done gently and informally too.



Ms. Mason offered a few ideas for letter learning such as writing with a finger in salt or writing in the dirt with a stick.  Today in honor of Pi Day, we are learning letters through baking! And we get a pretty sweet reward at the end! We made a tropical pie using random fruit we had frozen earlier this year: strawberries, peaches, etc. Check out the video at the end of this post for an example of how we write in flour, salt and increase motor skills learning letters the Charlotte Mason way.



This playlist is excellent background music for your Pi Day adventures! Thanks to Padrinan for the video.