Episode 6: The Role of Dad in Home Education: An Interview with Andrew Pudewa

Andrew Pudewa has graciously agreed to come on the How To For The Early Years podcast and we are so excited to talk to him about the role of the father in home education. Andrew is a father of seven children and grandfather to soon to be nine kiddos! He is the Director for the Institute of Excellence in Writing and is passionate about "addressing issues related to teaching, writing, thinking, spelling, and music".  Andrew and his wife homeschooled their children, particularly their youngest child, using the Charlotte Mason method.

In Episode 6 of the How To For The Early Years podcast, Andrew speaks about the father as the guardian and protector of home education and also outlines three ways dads can be a support to mothers as home educators.  In this episode, Andrew also mentions a talk he gave on nurturing competent communicators.  You can find that here or in our show notes.

We are so excited to have Andrew as a guest on our show! Listen below or subscribe in iTunes so you don't miss an episode!